Old British Trials

This is a list of some trials in Britain between 1740 and 1901. This is not, of course, a definitive inventory. It is likely that details of the case were reported in the news. If you can find the name you are searching please make contact by using the enquiry form. I will see if any archive material is available. If you cannot find the person you are searching don’t worry – please enquire anyway. I will do a search and get back to you.

The data for these British trial pages is sourced from references more than 100 years old and took a long time to transcribe and digitise for the internet. They make fascinating reading and create temptation for us to find out more. They cover all life from murder to executions, libel, slander, bankruptcy, love affairs, divorce, wills, land disputes – it’s all there for us to discover and read about in the newspapers generations on.

I have transcribed these pages as faithfully as possible with little change to the language and style. I have taken time-out to remove any references that, today, we might find racist or offensive (as language and attitudes towards life has changed dramatically since the days of these court proceedings).

Georgian Trials
Victorian Trails – 1837-1849
Victorian Trails – 1850-1859
Victorian Trails – 1860-1869
Victorian Trails – 1870-1879
Victorian Trails – 1880-1889
Victorian Trails – 1890-1899
Victorian Trails – 1900-1901