Murderers (1758 – 1903)

This is a list of murderers and serious criminals who were executed in Britain between 1758 and 1903. This is not a definitive inventory. It is likely that details of the case were reported in the news. If you can find the name you are searching please make contact by using the enquiry form. I will see if any archive material is available. If you cannot find the person you are searching don’t worry – please enquire anyway. I will do a search and get back to you.

Name Details Place Date Year
Richard William Vaughan first forger of Bank of England notes London 11-May 1758
Eugene Aram murder York 06-Aug 1759
Earl Ferrers murder of his steward Tyburn 05-May 1760
Theodore Gardelle murder Haymarket 04-Apr 1761
John Perrott fraudulent bankrupt Smithfield 11-Nov 1761
John M`Naughten Esq murder of Miss Knox Strabane 13-Dec 1761
Elizabeth Brownrigg murder of her apprentice Tyburn 14-Sep 1767
Daniel and Robert Perreau wine merchants forgery Tyburn 17-Jan 1776
Rev Dr Dodd found guilty of forging a Tyburn 27-Jun 1777
Rev Henry Hackman murder of Miss Reay mistress of Earl of Sandwich Tyburn 19-Apr 1779
Captain John Donellan murder of Sir Theodosius Boughton Warwick 02-Apr 1781
Christian Murphy (or Bowman) a woman strangled and burnt for coining 18-Mar 1789
Richard Parker and others mutiny at the Nore 30-Jun 1797
Mrs Phepoe celebrated murderess Old Bailey 11-Dec 1797
Sir Edward Crosbie high treason Ireland 04-Jun 1798
Messrs Sheares high treason Dublin 12-Jul 1799
Galloping Dick highwayman Aylesbury 04-Apr 1800
Governor Joseph Wall murder of serjeant Armstrong Old Bailey 28-Jan 1802
Mr Crawley murder of two females Dublin 10-Mar 1802
George Foster murder of wife and child Old Bailey 18-Jan 1803
Colonel Despard and others high treason Horsemonger-lane 21-Feb 1803
John Hatfield an impostor who married by deceit the celebrated “Beauty of Buttermere” forgery Carlisle 03-Sep 1803
Robert Emmett high treason Dublin 20-Sep 1803
Richard Patch murder of Mr Bligh Horsemonger-lane 08-Apr 1806
John Holloway and Owen Haggerty murder of Mr Steele Old Bailey 23-Feb 1807
T Simmons murder Hertford 07-Mar 1808
Major Campbell murder of Captain Boyd in a duel Armagh 02-Oct 1808
Capt Sutherland murder 29-Jun 1809
Richard Armitage forgery Old Bailey 24-Jun 1811
John Bellingham murder of Mr Perceval Old Bailey 18-May 1812
Philip Nicholson murder of Mr and Mrs Bonar Bennenden-heath 23-Aug 1813
Francis Tuite murder of M Goulding Dublin 09-Oct 1813
Charles Callaghan murder of Mr Merry Horsemonger-lane 02-Apr 1814
William Sawyer murder of Jack Hacket Old Bailey 15-May 1814
Eliza Fenning administering poison Old Bailey 26-Jul 1815
John Cashman Spa-fields riots Skinner-street 12-Mar 1817
The three Ashcrofts father and sons murder Lancaster 08-Sep 1817
Brandreth and others high treason Derby 07-Nov 1817
Charles Hussey murder of Mr Bird and his housekeeper Bennenden-heath 03-Aug 1818
John Scanlan esq murder of Ellen Hanley Limerick 16-Mar 1820
Arthur Thistlewood Cato-street case Old Bailey 01-May 1820
John Brunt Cato-street case Old Bailey 01-May 1820
James Ings Cato-street case Old Bailey 01-May 1820
John Davidson Cato-street case Old Bailey 01-May 1820
Richard Tidd Cato-street case Old Bailey 01-May 1820
John Chennell murder of Mr Chennell Senior Godalming 17-Aug 1820
Thomas Calcraft murder of Mr Chennell Senior Godalming 17-Aug 1820
Josiah Cadman forgery Old Bailey 21-Nov 1821
Samuel Greenwood highway robbery Old Bailey 27-Dec 1828
John Thurtell murder of Mr Weare Hertford 09-Jan 1824
John Wayte forgery Old Bailey 24-Feb 1824
Henry Fauntleroy banker forgery Old Bailey 30-Nov 1824
William Probert horse-stealing Old Bailey 20-Jun 1825
Spitalfields’ gang highway robbery Old Bailey 29-Nov 1826
Charles Thomas White arson Old Bailey 02-Jan 1827
Edward Lowe coining (the last coiner drawn on a sledge to the scaffold) Old Bailey 22-Nov 1827
Catherine Walsh murder of her child Old Bailey 14-Apr 1828
William Rea highway robbery Old Bailey 04-Jul 1828
Captain Charles Montgomery forgery killed himself in his cell 04-Jul 1828
William Corder murder of Maria Marten Bury St Edmunds 11-Aug 1828
Joseph Hunton forgery Old Bailey 08-Dec 1828
William Burke murderer Edinburgh 28-Jan 1829
Anne Chapman murder of her child Old Bailey 30-Jun 1829
Stewart and wife murder Glasgow 24-Jul 1829
Thomas Maynard forgery Old Bailey 31-Dec 1829
Mr Comyn arson Ennis 18-Mar 1830
John Any Bird Bell a boy of 14 years of age for the murder of Richard Taylor aged 13 Maidstone 01-Aug 1831
John Bishop murder of a poor Italian boy Old Bailey 05-Dec 1831
Thomas Williams murder of a poor Italian boy Old Bailey 05-Dec 1831
John Smith James Pratt unnatural crime Old Bailey 08-Apr 1835
Maryanne Burdock remarkable case of poisoning Bristol 15-Apr 1835
John Pegsworth murder Old Bailey 07-Mar 1837
James Greenacre murder of Hannah Brown Old Bailey 02-May 1837
William Lees murder of his wife Old Bailey 16-Dec 1839
Francois Benjamin Courvoisier murder of Lord W Russell Old Bailey 06-Jul 1840
Josiah Misters wounding Mr Mackreth Shrews¬bury 03-Apr 1841
Robert Blakesley murder of Mr Burdon Old Bailey 15-Nov 1841
John Delahun murder of Thomas Maguire Dublin 05-Feb 1842
Daniel Good murder of Jane Jones Old Bailey 23-May 1842
John Hulme murder of Miss Goddard Derby 04-Apr 1843
Samuel Bonsall murder of Miss Goddard Derby 04-Apr 1843
William Bland murder of Miss Goddard Derby 04-Apr 1843
William Crouch murder of his wife Old Bailey 27-May 1844
James Tapping murder of Emma Whiter Old Bailey 24-Mar 1845
John Tawell murder of Sarah Hart Aylesbury 28-Mar 1845
Thomas Henry Rocker murder of Mr Delarue Old Bailey 28-Apr 1845
Joseph Connor murder of Mary Brothers Old Bailey 02-Jun 1845
John Platts murder of Collis Derby 01-Apr 1847
Catherine Foster murder of her husband Bury St Edmunds 17-Apr 1847
James Bloomfield Rush murder of Jermy Senior and Junior Norwich 21-Apr 1849
Frederick George Manning and Maria Manning murder of O’Connor Horsemonger-lane 13-Nov 1849
James Barbour murder York 15-Jan 1853
Henry Holier murder of wife Old Bailey 15-Jan 1853
Grant Quin and Coomey murder of Thomas Bate¬son Monaghan 09-Apr 1854
Emanuel Barthelemy murder of Mr Moore and C Collard Old Bailey 22-Jan 1855
William Bousfield murder of his wife and three children Old Bailey 31-Mar 1856
William Palmer of Rugeley murder of JP Cook by poison Stafford 14-Jun 1856
William Dove murder of his wife by poison York 09-Aug 1856
Joseph Jenkins alias Robert Marley murder of Cope a shopman in Westminster Old Bailey 15-Dec 1856
William Jackson murder of two children Chester 20-Dec 1856
Lagava Bartelano and Pettrick murder of two officers and piracy Winchester 23-Dec 1856
Dedea Redaines murder of two girls at Dover Maidstone 01-Jan 1857
Thomas Mansell murder of a soldier Maidstone 06-Jul 1857
Captain H Rogers murder of A Rose with great cruelty Liverpool 11-Sep 1857
Thomas Davis murder of wife Old Bailey 16-Nov 1857
John William Beale murder of Charlotte Pugsley his sweetheart Taunton 12-Jan 1858
John Thomson alias Peter Walker murder of Agnes Montgomery by poison discovered by a child Paisley 14-Jan 1858
Christian Sattler murder of inspector Thain Old Bailey 08-Feb 1858
Giovanni Lani murder of Heloise Thaubin Old Bailey 26-Apr 1858
John B Bucknall murder of his grandfather and grandmother Taunton 24-Aug 1858
William Burgess murder of his daughter Taunton 04-Jan 1859
Joseph Castle murder of his wife Bedford 31-Mar 1860
William Youngman murder of sweetheart Mary Streeter and mother and two brothers Horsemonger-lane 04-Sep 1860
James Mullins murder of Mrs Emsley at Stepney Old Bailey 19-Nov 1860
James Johnson murder of two non-commissioned officers Winchester 01-Jan 1861
Matthew and Charles Wedmore murder of their aunt Taunton 05-Apr 1861
Martin Doyle barbarous attempted murder Chester 27-Aug 1861
William Cogan murder of wife Old Bailey 14-Oct 1861
Thomas Jackson a soldier murder of sergeant John Dickson Winchester 27-Dec 1861
William Charlton engine-driver murdered Jane Em¬merson to obtain the money she had saved for her funeral Carlisle 15-Mar 1862
GJ Gilbert brutal murder of Miss M S Hall on her way to church Winchester 04-Aug 1862
William Taylor murder of Mr Meller from revenge he previously killed his own children Kirkdale 13-Sep 1862
Catherine Wilson murder of Mrs Soames by poison and of several Other persons Old Bailey 20-Oct 1862
William Ockold aged 70 murder of his wife after 50 years’ marriage Worcester 02-Jan 1863
Noah Austen murder of Mr Allen Oxford 24-Mar 1863
Robert A Burton murder of a boy Maidstone 11-Apr 1863
Edward Cooper murder of his deformed son Shrewsbury 11-Apr 1863
Dennis Delane hired Beckham and Walsh to murder his landlord F Fitzgerald 13-Apr 1863
John Ducker murder of Tye a policeman Ipswich 14-Apr 1863
William Slope violation and murder of Mary Corbett Hereford 15-Apr 1863
D MacPhail and G Woods murder of Mrs Walne Kirkdale 25-Apr 1863
Joseph Brooks murder of Davy a policeman Old Bailey 27-Apr 1863
Joseph Kelly murder of Fitzhenry a schoolmaster Wexford 11-Aug 1863
Thomas Alvarez Hughes and O’Brien ferocious murderers Liverpool 11-Sep 1863
Alice Holt murder of her mother Chester 28-Dec 1863
Samuel Wright murder of his paramour 02-Jan 1864
John Lyons and four others murder and piracy Old Bailey 22-Feb 1864
Charles Bricknell murder of his sweetheart 01-Aug 1864
Franz Muller murder of Mr Briggs in a railway carriage Old Bailey 14-Nov 1864
Ferdinand Kohl murder of M Fuhrkop Chelmsford 26-Jan 1865
Edward William Pritchard MD murder of wife and her mother Glasgow 28-Jul 1865
John Currie murder of major De Vere Maidstone 12-Oct 1865
Stephen Forward alias Ernest Southey murder of wife and four children Maidstone 11-Jan 1866
Mary Ashford murder of husband Exeter 28-Mar 1866
John William Leigh murder of wife’s sister Brighton 10-Apr 1866
Robert Coe murder of a young man for his wages 30 shillings Swansea 12-Apr 1866
John Grant a soldier murder of a boy Exeter 15-Aug 1866
JR Jeffreys murder of his son aged 7 Old Bailey 09-Oct 1866
Jas Langhurst brutal murder of Harriet Sax 6 years old 16-Apr 1867
Hubbard Lingley murder of his uncle Benjamin Black Norwich 26-Aug 1867
George Britten murder of his wife Taunton 29-Aug 1867
John Wiggins murder of his concubine Agnes Oakes Old Bailey 15-Oct 1867
Louis Bordier murder of his concubine Mary Ann Snow Horsemonger-lane 15-Oct 1867
William O’Meara Allen Fenian for murder of Brett a policeman Salford 23-Nov 1867
William Gould (or O’Brien) Fenian for murder of Brett a policeman Salford 23-Nov 1867
Michael Larkin Fenian for murder of Brett a policeman Salford 23-Nov 1867
Frederick Baker murder of a little girl whom he afterwards cut up Winchester 24-Dec 1867
William Worsley murder of William Bradbury Bedford 31-Mar 1868
Frances Kidder murder of her husband’s child Maidstone 02-Apr 1868
Timothy Faherty for murder of his sweetheart Mary Hanmer (for rejecting him) Manchester 04-Apr 1868
Miles Weatherill murder of Rev Mr Plow of Tod¬morden and his maid (for revenge) Manchester 04-Apr 1868
Frederick Parker murder of Daniel Driscoll York 04-Apr 1868
John Mapp murder of little girl Shrewsbury 09-Apr 1868
O’Farrell for attempting to assassinate the duke of Edinburgh Sydney New South Wales 21-Apr 1868
Richard Bishop murder of Alfred Cartwright Maidstone 30-Apr 1868
Michael Barrett Fenian for Clerkenwell explosion last public execution in England Old Bailey 26-May 1868
Thomas Wells murder of Mr Walsh station master Dover 13-Aug 1868
William Sherward for murder of his wife Norwich 20-Apr 1869
Josiah Detheridge murder of warder in Portland prison Dorchester 12-Aug 1869
William Taylor soldier murder of his corporal Exeter 11-Oct 1869
Frederick Hinson murder of his concubine Maria Death and of William Douglas Boyd her paramour at Wood Green Old Bailey 13-Dec 1869
William Mobbs purposeless murder of a child Ayles¬bury 28-Mar 1870
Walter Millar murder of Rev Elias Huelin and Ann Boss at Chelsea Old Bailey 01-Aug 1870
John Owen or Jones for murder of a family of 7 persons at Denham Aylesbury 08-Aug 1870
Thomas Ratcliffe murder of a warder in Portland prison Dorchester 15-Aug 1870
Margaret Waters murder of infants baby-farming case Horsemonger-lane 11-Oct 1870
Patrick Durr murder of his wife Manchester 26-Dec 1870
William Bull brutal murder of an old woman Bedford 3 April 1871
Michael Campbell murder of Mr Galloway at Stratford Springfield gaol Essex 24-Apr 1871
Richard Addington murder of wife Northampton 31-Jul 1871
Frederic Jones murder of Emily Gardner through jealousy Gloucester 08-Jan 1872
Edward Roberts murder of Ann Merrick who refused to marry him Oxford 18-Mar 1872
William Frederick Horry murder of wife Lincoln 01-Apr 1872
Charles Holmes murder of wife Worcester 12-Aug 1872
Thomas Moore murder of wife Maidstone 13-Aug 1872
James Tooth soldier murder of drummer Francis Bradford soldier Maidstone 13-Aug 1872
Christopher Edwards murder of wife Stafford 13-Aug 1872
William Lace murder of wife Taunton 26-Aug 1872
Augustus Elliott murder of paramour Old Bailey 09-Dec 1872
Mich Kennedy murder of wife Manchester 30-Dec 1872
Edward Handcock murder of wife Warwick 07-Jan 1873
Richard Spencer murder of paramour Liverpool 08-Jan 1873
Hugh Slane and John Hayes murder of Joseph Waine Durham 13-Jan 1873
Mary Ann Cotton murder of child Durham 24-Mar 1873
Henry Evans murder of wife Aylesbury 04-Aug 1873
Benjamin Hud¬son murder of wife Derby 04-Aug 1873
Thomas Hartley Montgomery murder of Mr Glasse Omagh 26-Aug 1873
James Connor murder of James Gaffney Liverpool 08-Sep 1873
Charles Dawson murder Durham 05-Jan 1874
William Thompson murder Durham 05-Jan 1874
Edward Gough murder Durham 05-Jan 1874
Thomas Corrigan murder of mother Liverpool 05-Jan 1874
Edward C Butt murder of Miss Phipp through jealousy 12-Jan 1874
Edwin Bailey and Ann Barry murder of child Gloucester Jan 1874
Thomas Chamberlain murder Northampton 30-Mar 1874
James Godwin murder of wife Newgate 25-May 1874
Frances Stewart murder of grandchild Newgate 29-Jun 1874
Thomas Macdonald murder of paramour Exeter 10-Aug 1874
William Jackson murder of sister York 18-Aug 1874
James H Gibbs murder of wife Usk 24-Aug 1874
Henry Flanigan murder of aunt Liverpool 31-Aug 1874
Mary Williams murder of Nicholas Manning Liverpool 31-Aug 1874
John W Coppen murder of wife Horsemonger-lane 13-Oct 1874
Private Thomas Smith 20th Hussars murder of Captain Bird in revenge for slight punishment Winchester 16-Nov 1874
Robert Taylor murder of Mrs Kidd Stafford 29-Dec 1874
James Cranwell murder of Emma Bellamy Newgate 04-Jan 1874
Michael Mullen Liverpool 04-Jan 1875
John McCrave Liverpool 04-Jan 1875
William Worthington Liverpool 04-Jan 1875
Richard Coates murder of girl 10 years old Chelmsford 29-Mar 1875
John Morgan murder of comrade Maidstone 30-Mar 1875
John Stanton murder of uncle Stafford 30-Mar 1875
Alfred T Heap quack murder of Margaret McKivett Liverpool 19-Apr 1875
William Hole murder of wife Bristol 26-Apr 1875
Jeremiah Corkery murder of policeman Warwick 27-Jul 1875
McHugh Gilligan murder Durham 02-Aug 1875
Pearson (woman) murder Durham 02-Aug 1875
Peter Blanchard murder of Louisa Hodgson Lincolnshire 09-Aug 1875
Philip Lebrun murder of sister Jersey 12-Aug 1875
Wlliam McCullogh murder of William Watson Lancaster 16-Aug 1875
Mark Fiddler murder of wife Lancaster 16-Aug 1875
William Baker murder Liver¬pool 06-Sep 1875
Edward Cooper murder Liver¬pool 06-Sep 1875
Henry Wainwright murder of Harriet Lane his mistress Newgate 21-Dec 1875
William Smedley murder of Elizabeth Firth his mistress Armley near Leeds 21-Dec 1875
John William Anderson murder of wife New¬castle-on-Tyne 22-Dec 1875
Richard Charlton murder of wife Morpeth 23-Dec 1875
George Hunter murder of fellow-workman Morpeth 28-Mar 1876
Thomas Fordred murder of Ann Bridger Maidstone 04-Apr 1876
George Hill murder of his illegitimate child Hertford 10-Apr 1876
Edward Deacon murder of wife Bristol 24-Apr 1876
John Webber murder Cardiff 26-Apr 1876
Henry Webster murder of wife Norwich 01-May 1876
Matteo Car¬galis Lennie mutineer and murderer Newgate 23-May 1876
Pascalis Caludis Lennie mutineer and murderer Newgate 23-May 1876
George Kaida Lennie mutineer and murderer Newgate 23-May 1876
Giovanni Carcaris Lennie mutineer and murderer Newgate 23-May 1876
John Williams shot his brother-in-law Durham 26-Jul 1876
James Parris murder of a child Maidstone 01-Aug 1876
William Fish murder of a child Liverpool 14-Aug 1876
Richard Thompson murder of J H Blundell Liverpool 14-Aug 1876
CE Bamnbos mutiny Cork 25-Aug 1876
Crowe mutiny Cork 25-Aug 1876
John Ebelthrift murder of wife Newgate 26-Aug 1876
Charles O’Donnell murder of wife Newgate 11-Dec 1876
Robert Browning murder of Emma Rolfe aged 16 Cambridge 14-Dec 1876
Silas Barlow murder of Ellen Sloper paramour Horsemonger-lane 19-Dec 1876
James Dalgleish murder of Sarah Wright Carlisle 19-Dec 1876
John Thomas Green murder of wife Leicester 20-Dec 1876
William Flanagan murder of paramour Manchester 21-Dec 1876
Isaac Marks murder of Frederick Barnard for revenge Horsemonger-lane 02-Jan 1877
Henry and Francis George Tidbury murder of two policemen Reading 12-Mar 1877
William Clark (or Slenderman) murder of Henry Walker gamekeeper Lincoln 26-Mar 1877
John McKenna murder of wife Manchester 27-Mar 1877
James Bannister murder of wife Chester 02-Apr 1877
John Henry Johnson murder of Amos White through jealousy 03-Apr 1877
Frederick Baker murder of Mary Saunders jealousy Warwick 17-Apr 1877
John Henry Starkey murder of wife Leicester 31-Jul 1877
Henry Rogers murder of wife Stafford 31-Jul 1877
Henry Leigh murder of child Chester 13-Aug 1877
Caleb Smith murder of nominal wife (Eliza Osborne) Horsemonger-lane 14-Aug 1877
John Goulding murder Liverpool 21-Aug 1877
Patrick McGovern murder Liverpool 21-Aug 1877
John Lynch murder of wife Newgate 15-Oct 1877
Thomas Pratt murder of paramour Newgate 12-Nov 1877
Hussell murder of wife Exeter 19-Nov 1877
Henry March murder of employer and fellow-workman Norwich 20-Nov 1877
Thomas Gray murder of Ann Mellors who refused him Nottingham 21-Nov 1877
Cadwallader Jones murder of paramour Dolgelly 23-Nov 1877
James Sachwell brutal murder of an old man Leicester 27-Nov 1877
John Upton brutal murder of an old man Leicester 27-Nov 1877
John William Swift brutal murder of an old man Leicester 27-Nov 1877
Geo Pigott murder of Florence Galloway Manchester 04-Feb 1878
James Caffyn murder of Maria Barber Winchester 11-Feb 1878
James Trickett murder of wife Liverpool 12-Feb 1878
John Brooks murder of Caroline Woodhead Nottingham 13-Feb 1878
Harry Rowles murder of sweetheart Oxford 01-Apr 1878
Vincent Knowles Walker murder of woman York 25-Apr 1878
Charles J Revell murder of wife Chelmsford 29-Jul 1878
Robert Vest ship steward murder of William Wallace a pilot Durham 30-Jul 1878
Thomas Cholerton murder of paramour Nottingham 12-Aug 1878
Selina Wadge murder of illegitimate child Bodmin 15-Aug 1878
Thomas Smithers murder of woman Wandsworth 08-Oct 1878
Patrick John Byrne murder of two brother ser¬geants Northampton 12-Nov 1878
Joseph Garcia Spanish sailor murder of William Watkins and his wife and three children Usk 18-Nov 1878
James McGowan murder of wife Manchester 19-Nov 1878
Henry Gilbert murder of illegitimate child Hun¬tingdon 25-Nov 1878
Stephen Gambrill murder of Arthur Gillow while defending his machinery at Wednesborough Maidstone 4 Feb 1879
Enoch Whiston murder of Alfred Meredith Worcester 10-Feb 1879
William McGuiness murder of wife Lancaster 11 Fwb 1879
Charles Peace murder of A Dyson Leeds 25-Feb 1879
James Simms American seaman murder of woman Newgate 24-Mar 1879
Edward Smart murder of woman Gloucester 12-May 1879
William Cooper murder of Ellen Mather Manchester 20-May 1879
Catherine Churchill murder of husband Taunton 26-May 1879
John Darcy murder of William Mitechalle York 27-May 1879
Thomas Johnson murder of Eliza Patten Liver¬pool 28-May 1879
Catherine Webster murder of Mrs Julia Martha Thomas Wandsworth 29-Jul 1879
Annie Took murder of nurse-child Exeter 11-Aug 1879
James Dilley murder of illegitimate child Newgate 25-Aug 1879
John Ralph murder of Sarah Vernon Birming¬ham 26-Aug 1879
Henry Bedingfield murder of Eliza Rudd Ipswich 03-Dec 1879
Charles Shurety murder of child Newgate 05-Jan 1880
William Cassidy murder of wife Manchester 17-Feb 1880
Hugh Burns and Patrick Kearns murder of Patrick Tracey at Widnes Liverpool 02-Mar 1880
John Wingfield murder of his wife Newgate 22-Mar 1880
William Dumbleton murder of John Edmunds Aylesbury 20-May 1880
John Henry Wood murder of John Coe York 11-May 1880
John Wakefield murder of a child Derby 16-Aug 1880
William Brownless murder of sweetheart Durham 16-Aug 1880
William J Distin murder of paramour Bristol 22-Nov 1880
Thos Wheeler murder of Edward Anstee near St Albans 29-Nov 1880
George Pavey murder of Ada Shepherd aged 11 Newgate 13-Dec 1880
William Herbert murder of Jane Messenger sister-in-law Newgate 13-Dec 1880
William Stanway murder of Ann Mellor Chester 21-Feb 1881
James Williams murder of Eliz Bagnall Stafford 22-Feb 1881
Albert Robinson murder of wife Derby 28-Feb 1881
Albert Moore murder of old woman Maidstone 17-May 1881
James Hall murder of wife Leeds 23-May 1881
Joseph P McEntee murder of wife Liverpool 31-May 1881
Thomas Brown murder of Eliza Caldwell Nottingham 15-Aug 1881
George Burling murder of Fanny Musson Maidstone 23-Aug 1881
John Aspinal Simpson murder of girl Manchester 28-Nov 1881
Percy Lefroy Mapleton murder of FT Gold in a Brighton railway carriage Lewes 29-Nov 1881
Alfred Gough murder of a little girl Derby 29-Nov 1881
Robert Templeton murder of landlady Manchester 13-Feb 1882
Dr GH Lamson murder of Percy M John Wandsworth 28-Apr 1882
Thomas Fury murder of Maria Fitzsimons in 1869 Sunderland 26-May 1882
William Geo Abigale murder of girl Norwich 22-May 1882
Osmond Otto Brand murder of apprentice at sea Leeds 23-May 1882
Charles Gerrish murder of fellow-pauper Wilts 23-May 1882
William Turner murder of wife Liverpool 21-Aug 1882
William Meager Bartlett murder of infant Bodmin 13-Nov 1882
Edward Wheatfill cruel murder of Peter Hughes aged 16 York 27-Nov 1882
Bernard Mullarkey murder of Thomas Cruise Liverpool 04-Dec 1882
Charles Taylor murder of wife Wandsworth 12-Dec 1882
Louisa Jane Taylor murder of Mrs Tregiliis Wandsworth 02-Jan 1883
Abraham Thomas a butler murder of Mrs C Leigh Manchester 12-Feb 1883
James Anderson murder of wife Lincoln 19-Feb 1883
Thomas Garry murder of John Newton Lincoln 07-May 1883
Patrick Carey or John White murder of Thomas Eastam and Mary Moran Chester 08-May 1883
George White murder of wife Taunton 21-May 1883
Joseph Wedlake murder of Mark Cox Taunton 21-May 1883
James Burton murder of Elizabeth Sharpe Durham 06-Aug 1883
Henry Powell murder of master’s son JHD Bruton Wandsworth 06-Nov 1883
Thomas Lyons murder of his child 13-Nov 1883
Peter Bray murder of Thomas Pyle Durham 19-Nov 1883
Thomas Riley murder of Elizabeth Alston Man¬chester 26-Nov 1883
Henry Dutton murder of Hannah Henshaw Liverpool 03-Dec 1883
Patrick O’Donnell murder of James Carey the informer Newgate 17-Dec 1883
Charles Kite murder of Albert Miles Taunton 25-Feb 1884
Michael Maclean murder of Spanish sailor Liver¬pool 10-Mar 1884
Mary Leffley murder of husband Lincoln 26-May 1884
Joseph Lawson murder of sergeant Smith Durham 27-May 1884
Peter Cassidy murder of wife Liverpool 19-Aug 1884
Joseph Laycock murder of wife and 4 children Leeds 26-Aug 1884
Thomas Henry Orrock murder of policeman Cole Newgate 06-Oct 1884
Thomas Harris murder of wife Newgate 06-Oct 1884
Kay Howarth and Henry Hammond Swindell’s murder Manchester 24-Nov 1884
Ernest Ewerstadt and Arthur Shaw murder of women 08-Dec 1884
Horace Robert Jay murder of a girl Wandsworth 13-Jan 1885
Henry Kimberley murder of Mrs Palmer Bir¬mingham 17-Mar 1885
John Lee murder of police-inspector Simmons Chelmsford 18-May 1885
Moses Shrimpton murder of policeman Worcester 25-May 1885
Henry Alt murder of C Howard Newgate 13-Jul 1885
Joseph Tucker murder of Elizabeth Williamson Nottingham 03-Aug 1885
Thomas Boulton murder of niece Stafford 17-Aug 1885
Henry Norman murder of wife Newgate 05-Oct 1885
John Hill and John Williams murder of Ann Dickson Hereford 23-Nov 1885
Robert Goodale murder of wife Norwich 30-Nov 1885
Daniel Minahan murder of wife Newgate 07-Dec 1885
George Thomas murder of woman Liverpool 08-Dec 1885
John Horton murder of his father Devizes 01-Feb 1886
Anthony Benjamin Budge murder Carlisle 08-Feb 1886
John Martin murder Carlisle 08-Feb 1886
James Baker murder Carlisle 08-Feb 1886
Joseph Baines murder of wife Lancaster 09-Feb 1886
John Thurston murder of H Springall Norwich 10-Feb 1886
George Saunders murder of wife Ipswich 16-Feb 1886
Owen M’Gill murder of wife Cheshire 22-Feb 1886
Thomas Nash murder of child Swansea March 1886
David Roberts murder of David Thomas Cardiff 02-Mar 1886
Albert Edward Brown for murder Winchester 31-May 1886
James Whelan for murder Winchester 31-May 1886
Edward Hewitt murder of wife Gloucester 15-Jun 1886
William Samuel murder of William Mabbott Shrewsbury 26-Jul 1886
Mary Ann Britland murder of Mrs Dixon Man¬chester 09-Aug 1886
Patrick Judge murder of wife Newcastle 16-Nov 1886
James Murphy poacher murder York 29-Nov 1886
James Banton murder of police constable Leicester 30-Nov 1886
George Harmer murder of an old man Norwich 13-Dec 1886
Thomas Leatherbarrow murder of woman Man¬chester 15-Feb 1887
Thomas Blexham murder of wife Leicester 14-Feb 1887
Edward Pritchard murder of Allen Gloucester 17-Feb 1887
Richard Insole murder of wife Lincoln 21-Feb 1887
Benjamin Terry murder of wife Nottingham 22-Feb 1887
Elizabeth Berry murder of daughter Liverpool 14-Mar 1887
Joseph King murder of woman and child Newgate 21-Mar 1887
Thomas William Carroll murder of Lydia Green Newgate 18-Apr 1887
Charles Smith murder of wife Cowley near Oxford 09-May 1887
Henry William Young murder of child Dor¬chester 16-May 1887
Walter Wood murder of wife Manchester 31-May 1887
Alfred Sowery murder of sweetheart Lancaster 01-Aug 1887
Israel Lipski murder of woman Newgate 22-Aug 1887
Henry Hobson murder of Ada Stodhart Leeds 22-Aug 1887
Thomas H Bevan murder of woman Chester 17-Aug 1887
William Wilton murder of wife Lewes 29-Aug 1887
William Hunter murder of a child Carlisle 14-Nov 1887
Joseph Walker murder of wife Oxford 15-Nov 1887
Joseph Morley murder of woman Chelmsford 21-Nov 1887
Enoch Wadley murder of woman Gloucester 28-Nov 1887
Thomas Payne murder of his sister-in-law Warwick 06-Dec 1887
David Rees murder of Thomas Davies Carmarthen 13-Mar 1888
Alfred Scandrett and James Jones murder of Philip Ballard Hereford 20-Mar 1888
George Clarke murder of stepdaughter Winchester 27-Mar 1888
William Arrowsmith murder of his uncle Shrewsbury 28-Mar 1888
John Alfred Gell murder of Mrs Mary Miller Manchester 15-May 1888
James William Richardson murder of William Berridge Leeds 22-May 1888
Robert Upton murder of wife Oxford 17 July 1888
Thomas Wyre murder of son Worcester 18-Jul 1888
John Jackson murder of warder Webb Manchester 07-Aug 1888
Arthur T Delaney murder of wife Derby 10-Aug 1888
George Sargeant murder of wife Chelmsford 15-Aug 1888
George N Daniels murder Birmingham 28-Aug 1888
Harry B Jones murder Birmingham 28-Aug 1888
Levi Richard Bartlett murder of wife Newgate 13-Nov 1888
Samuel Crowther murder of John Willis Worcester 11-Dec 1888
William Waddell murder of woman Durham 18-Dec 1888
Charles Bulmer murder of wife Leeds 01-Jan 1889
Thomas Clews murder of woman Stafford 01-Jan 1889
George Nicholson murder of wife Warwick 08-Jan 1889
William Gower and Charles Joseph Dobell murder of Bensley C Lawrence Tun¬bridge Wells Maidstone 02-Jan 1889
Ebenezer Samuel Jenkins murder of his sweet¬heart Wandsworth 06-Mar 1889
Samuel Rylands murder of little girl Shepton Mallet gaol 13-Mar 1889
Thomas Allen murder of F G Kent Swansea 10-Apr 1889
John Witney murder of wife Bristol 11-Apr 1889
George Horton murder of little daughter Derby 21-Aug 1889
Benjamin Purnell murder of wife Devizes 09-Dec 1889
William Dukes murder of Mr Gordon Bury 24-Dec 1889
Robert West and Frederick Brett wife murder Leeds 31-Dec 1889
William Thomas Hook wife murder Maidstone 31-Dec 1889
Charles Lister Higginbotham murder of landlady 07-Jan 1890
Joseph Boswell and Samuel Boswell for murder of Frank Stephens gamekeeper Worcester 11-Mar 1890
William Row for the murder of Lily McClarence Newcastle-on-Tyne 12-Mar 1890
Thomas Neal murder of wife Newgate 26-Mar 1890
Richard Davies murder of father Knutsford Cheshire 08-Apr 1890
William Chadwick murder of Walter Davies Liverpool 15-Apr 1890
Daniel Stewart Gorrie murder of fellow-workman Wandsworth 10-Jun 1890
George Bowling murder of Eliza Nightingale with whom he lived Wandsworth 29-Jul 1890
Felix Spicer murder of two children Knutsford 22-Aug 1890
James Harrison murder of wife Leeds 26-Aug 1890
Frederick Davis murder of wife Birmingham 26-Aug 1890
Francois Manteau murder of Francois De Grave Newgate 27-Aug 1890
Mary Eleanor Wheeler otherwise Pearcey for murder of Mrs Hogg Newgate 23-Dec 1890
Thomas Macdonald murder of Miss Alice Holt schoolmistress near Bolton Liverpool 30-Dec 1890
Robert Kitching murder of policeman Weedy York 30-Dec 1890
Alfred Turner murder of sweetheart Mary Moran Manchester 19-May 1891
Franz Joseph Minch murder of James Hickey Wandsworth 21-Jul 1891
Arthur Spencer murder of Mary Ann Garner Lincoln 28-Jul 1891
Walter Lewis Turner murder of Barbara Water¬house 5 years old Leeds 18-Aug 1891
Thomas Sadler murder of William Wass Chelms¬ford 18-Aug 1891
Robert Bradshaw murder of wife Wandsworth 19-Aug 1891
John Conway murder of Nicholas Martin a youth Liverpool 20-Aug 1891
Edward H F Watts murder of wife Winchester 26-Aug 1891
Harry Dainton murder of wife at Bath Shepton Mallett 15-Dec 1891
John William Johnson murder of Margaret Addison Durham 22-Dec 1891
Charles Saunders murder of child Hereford 23-Dec 1891
James Stockwell murder of Catherine Dennis at Armlet Yorkshire 05-Jan 1892
James Muir murder of Abigail Sullivan Newgate 01-Mar 1892
Frederick Eggleton and Charles Rayner poachers murder of two gamekeepers Joseph Crawley and William Puddlephat Oxford 17-Mar 1892
Joseph Wilson murder of Marion Greaves Crossman Carlisle 22-Mar 1892
John Noble murder of woman London 29-Mar 1892
George H Wood murder of Edith Jeal Lewes 26-Apr 1892
Harry Pickering murder of wife Leeds 14-Jun 1892
John Gurd alias Louis Hamilton murder of Henry Richards Devizes 26-Jul 1892
John G Wenzel murder of Joseph Joyce a police officer 16-Aug 1892
James Taylor murder of wife Newgate 16 Aug 1892
Patrick Gibbons murder of mother Liverpool 17-Aug 1892
Moses Cudworth murder of wife Leeds 18-Aug 1892
John J Banbury murder of Emma Oakley Wandsworth 11-Oct 1892
Thomas Neill otherwise Cream Newgate 15-Nov 1892
Joseph Mellor murder of wife Manchester 20-Dec 1892
Thomas Edwards murder of Mary Conolly Usk 22-Dec 1892
Cross Duckworth murder of Alice Barnes a child Walton 03-Jan 1893
Andrew G M’Rae murder of Annie Pritchard at Althorp Northampton 10-Jan 1893
Albert Manning murder of Jane E Flew Gloucester 16-Mar 1893
Edward Hemmings murder of wife Leeds 04-Apr 1893
Richard Sabey murder of Louisa Johnson North¬ampton 18-Jul 1893
Aime Meunier (extradited) murder of an old woman Worcester 19-Jul 1893
George S Cooke police-constable murder of Maud Merton Newgate 25-Jul 1893
Charles Squires murder of child Shepton Mallet 10-Aug 1893
John T Hewitt murder of William Masten Stafford 15-Aug 1893
John Davis murder of police-sergt Eves Chelms¬ford 16-Aug 1893
Emanuel Hamar murder of an old woman Catherine Tyrer Manchester 28-Nov 1893
John Carter murder of wife Reading 05-Dec 1893
George Mason murder of sergt James Robinson Winchester 06-Dec 1893
Henry Rumbold murder of a woman named Rushby Lincoln 19-Dec 1893
James Wyndham murder of his father Gloucester 21-Dec 1893
William Harris alias Haynes murder of Florence Clifford Warwick 01-Jan 1894
George Thomas murder of Mary Jane Jones Carmarthen 13-Feb 1894
Walter Smith murder of Catherine Cross hospital nurse Nottingham 27-Mar 1894
Margaret Walter murder of her husband Liver¬pool 02-Apr 1894
Philip Garner murder of wife Leeds 03-Apr 1894
Frederick W Fenton murder of Florence Elborough Birmingham 04-Apr 1894
John Langford murder of Elizabeth Steven Liverpool 22-May 1894
Samuel Elkins Winchester 18-Jul 1894
William Crossley murder of Mary Ann Allen Manchester 31-Jul 1894
Paul Koczula murder of Mrs Basch in Shaftesbury avenue Newgate 14-Aug 1894
Alfred Dews murder of infant son Leeds 21-Aug 1894
James Wilshaw Whitehead murder of wife Man¬chester 27-Nov 1894
Thomas Richards (sailor) murder of Mary Davies at Borth Carmarthen 29-Nov 1894
James Canham Read murder of Florence Dennis at Southend Chelmsford 04-Dec 1894
John William Newell murder of wife Leicester 09-Dec 1894
Samuel George Emery soldier murder of Mary Ann Marshall Newcastle-on-Tyne 11-Dec 1894
Cyrus Knight murder of wife Winchester 12-Dec 1894
William Rogers murder of woman Winchester 12-Dec 1894
Edmund Kesseven murder of Sarah Ann Oldham Nottingham 26-Mar 1895
William Miller murder of Edward Moyse Liverpool 04-Jun 1895
Joseph Canning murder of Jane Youell Wandsworth 18-Jun 1895
Henry Tickner soldier murder of wife Wands¬worth 02-Jul 1895
Robert Hudson murder of wife and child York 13-Aug 1895
Thomas Bond murder of Frederick Bakewell and George Hackett Stafford 20-Aug 1895
Richard Wingrove murder of Jane Eagle Newgate 19-Nov 1895
Arthur Covington murder of Effie Burgin Bedford 03-Dec 1895
Elijah Winstanley murder of detective Kidd Wigan Liverpool 17-Dec 1895
Henry Wright murder of Mary E Reynolds her 2 sons and grandson Nottingham 24-Dec 1895
Patrick Morley murder of wife Leeds 31-Dec 1895
William James Morgan murder of wife Wandsworth 04-Feb 1896
Alfred Chipperfield murder of wife Newgate 25-Feb 1896
William Seaman Newgate 09-Jun 1896
Albert Millsorn Newgate 09-Jun 1896
Henry Fowler Newgate 09-Jun 1896
Amelia E Dyer Newgate 10-Jun 1896
Charles T Woodridge murder of wife Reading 07-Jul 1896
Samuel E Smith murder of corporal Robert Payne Winchester 21-Jul 1896
Philip Matthews murder of his child Winchester 21-Jul 1896
Frederick Burden murder of Angelina Faithful Winchester 21-Jul 1896
Joseph Hirst murder of child Manchester 04-Aug 1896
William Pugh murder of Elizabeth Boot Derby 05-Aug 1896
Samuel Wilkinson murder of an old woman named Kaye Nottingham 11-Aug 1896
John Rose murder of wife Nottingham 11-Aug 1896
Joseph Robert Ellis murder of wife Leeds 25-Aug 1896
James Jones murder of Edward White Newgate 06-Oct 1896
Carlsen Swedish sailor murder of Julia Wood York 22-Dec 1896
Joseph Allcock murder of wife Nottingham 23-Dec 1896
Henry Brown murder of wife Wandsworth 05-Jan 1897
Robert Hayman murder of Esther Allchin Maid¬stone 09-Feb 1897
George Paterson murder of a woman Glasgow 07-Jun 1897
Joseph Bowser murder of wife Lincoln 27-Jul 1897
Joseph Robinson murder of wife Leeds 17-Aug 1897
Walter Robinson murder of his cousin Sarah Pickles Leeds 17-Aug 1897
Thomas Lloyd murder of wife Liverpool 18-Aug 1897
William Betts murder of father Maidstone 16-Dec 1897
George W Howe murder of Joseph K Pickup Manchester 22-Feb 1898
John Herdman murder of Jane Calder or Souter Edinburgh 14-Mar 1898
Charles Smith (33) murder of wife Durham 22-Mar 1898
Private Kenny (Wilfrid Kreutze) a Prussian murder of private Goodwin Clonmel gaol 05-Apr 1898
Walter Horsford (26) murder of Mrs Annie Holmes widow Cambridge 28-Jun 1898
James Watt murder of wife Norwich 12-Jul 1898
William Wilkes murder of wife Chelmsford 18-Jul 1898
Thomas Jones murder of Mary Bruton Carnarvon 03-Aug 1898
Joseph Lewis murder of Robert Scott Swansea 30-Aug 1898
John Ryan murder of police-constable James Baldwin Newgate 15-Nov 1898
Thomas Daley murder of a woman named Penfold Maidstone 13-Dec 1898
John Cotton murder of wife Derby 21-Dec 1898
Johann Schneider alias Mandelkow murder of Conrad Berndt Newgate 03-Jan 1899
Patrick Holmes murder of Ellen Lawlor (70) Kilkenny 07-Jan 1899
Thomas Kelly (24) murder of his father Armagh 10-Jan 1899
Philip King murder of wife and mother-in-law Armagh 13-Jan 1899
George Robertson murder of Mary Kenealey (4) Newgate 28-Mar 1899
Frederick Andrews murder of Frances Short Wandsworth 03-May 1899
Josiah Cornelius Parker murder of Mary Elizabeth Meadows Northampton 11-Jul 1899
Charles Maidment (22) murder of Dorcas Houghton (18) Winchester 18-Jul 1899
Mary Ann Ansell (21) murder of sister by sending her poisoned cake St Albans 19-Jul 1899
Edward Bell murder of wife by strychnine Lincoln 25-Jul 1899
Elias Torr murder of daughter (26) Nottingham 09-Aug 1899
Frederick Preston (22) murder of Emily Mears 03-Oct 1899
Robert Ward (27) murder of 2 daughters 04-Oct 1899
George Nunn (18) murder of Eliza Dixon Ipswich 21-Nov 1899
Charles Scott (28) murder of Eliza O’Shea Read¬ing 28-Nov 1899
Samuel Crozier (55) murder of wife Chelmsford 05-Dec 1899
Michael Dowdle murder of wife Manchester 06-Dec 1899
Louise Masset murder of son (32) Newgate 09-Jan 1900
Ada Chard Williams (24) murder of a child Newgate 06-Mar 1900
Henry Grove (26) murder of Henry Smith (84) Newgate 22-May 1900
Alfred Highfield (22) murder of Edith Poole 17-Jul 1900
William James Irwin (61) murder of wife Newgate 14-Aug 1900
Mellor murder of his 2 children Leeds 16-Aug 1900
Chas Black-house (23) murder of a policeman Leeds 16-Aug 1900
William Lacey murder of wife Cardiff 21-Aug 1900
Charles Blewitt murder of wife Leeds 28-Aug 1900
John Parr (19) murder of Sarah Willett Newgate 02-Oct 1900
William Burrett murder of wife Chelmsford 03-Oct 1900
Joseph Holden (57) murder of grandson Man¬chester 04-Dec 1900
John Bowes (50) murder of wife Durham 12-Dec 1900
James Bergin (28) murder of sweetheart Margaret Morrison Liverpool 27-Dec 1900
Sampson S Salmon (32) murder of cousin Lucy Smith Newgate 19-Feb 1901
John Toole murder of Lizzie Brennan Dublin 07-Mar 1901
George Henry Parker (23) murder of Mr W Pearson 19-Mar 1901
Herbert John Bennett murder of wife Norwich 21-Mar 1901
Joseph A Shufflebotham a miner murder of wife Stafford 02-Apr 1901
Valeri Giovanni a seaman murder of Victor Baileff on the high seas Bodmin 09-Jul 1901
Chas T R Watkins a pilot murder of Fred Hamerton Maidstone 30-Jul 1901
Ernest Wickham (30) murder of Amy Russell in the street at Brixton Wandsworth 13-Aug 1901
John Joyce murder of an old man John Nugent Birmingham 20-Aug 1901
Martial Faugeron (23) murder of Herman Jung Newgate 19-Nov 1901
Patrick M’Kenna murder of wife Manchester 03-Dec 1901
John and Robert Miller uncle and nephew murder of Joseph Ferguson Newcastle 07-Dec 1901
John G Thompson murder of Maggie Lieutand Durham 10-Dec 1901
Alick Claydon murder of wife Northampton 13-Dec 1901
John Harrison (31) murder of a woman Wright Liverpool 24-Dec 1901
Harold Apted (20) murder of Frances Eliza O’Rourke (71) Maidstone 18-Mar 1902
Richard Wigley (54) murder of Mary E Bowen Shrewsbury 18-Mar 1902
Arthur Richardson (26) murder of his aunt Hull 25-Mar 1902
Chas Robert Earl (55) murder of Margaret Pamphilon Wandsworth 29-Apr 1902
George Woolfe (21) murder of Charlotte Cheeseman Newgate 06-May 1902
Thomas Marsland (21) murder of wife Liverpool 20-May 1902
Samuel Middleton murder of wife Worcester 15-Jul 1902
William Churcher murder of Sophia Hepworth Winchester 22-Jul 1902
John Bedford murder of Nancy Price Derby 30-Jul 1902
William Lane murder of a woman Dyson Stafford 12-Aug 1902
George Hibbs murder of a woman Tye Wandsworth 13-Aug 1902
John McDonald (23) a hawker murder of Henry Groves Pentonville 30-Sep 1902
Henry Williams murder of his child Margaret Andrews Pentonville 11-Nov 1902
Patrick Leggett murder of his wife Glasgow 12-Nov 1902
Henry Mack murder of Esther Elizabeth Bedford Manchester 02-Dec 1902
William Chambers murder of his wife and mother-in-law Bedford 04-Dec 1902
Thomas F Barrow murder of Emily Coates his stepdaughter Pentonville 09-Dec 1902
Jeremiah Callaghan murder of a woman Usk Monmouthshire 12-Dec 1902
William Brown murder of his wife Wands¬worth 16-Dec 1902
Samuel Walton murder of his wife mother-in-law and infant daughter 16-Dec 1902
Thomas Nicholson murder of a little girl Durham 16-Dec 1902
William J Bolton murder of Jane Allen Hull 23-Dec 1902
George Place miner murder of Elizabeth Chet¬wynd her mother and infant child Warwick 30-Dec 1902
James Doherty farmer murder of his son Sligo 30-Dec 1902
Joseph Taylor murder of John Daly Kilkenny 09-Jan 1903
Mary Daly accomplice of Joseph Taylor in murder of John Daly Tullamore 09-Jan 1903
Annie Walters for baby-farming murders 03-Feb 1903
Amelia Sach for baby-farming murders 03-Feb 1903
William Hughes reservist murder of his wife at Ruthin North Wales 17-Feb 1903
Edgar Edwards murder of the Darby family Wandsworth 03-Mar 1903
Samuel H Smith murder of Lucy M Lingard Lincoln 10-Mar 1903
Severino Klosowski alias Chapman murder of Maud Marsh by antimonial poisoning Wandsworth 07-Apr 1903
William G Hudson soldier murder of Harry Shoot his comrade Manchester 12-May 1903
Gustav Rau and William Smith alias Dirk Her¬laar murder of the captain and 6 of the crew of the Veronica Liverpool 02-Jun 1903
Chas Howell soldier murder of Maud Luen Chelmsford 07-Jul 1903
Samuel H Dougal ex-soldier murder of Camille Cecile Holland Moat farm Clavering Essex Chelmsford 14-Jul 1903
Thomas Porter murder of constable Wilkinson Leicester 21-Jul 1903
Thomas Preston murder of constable Wilkinson Leicester 21-Jul 1903
Leonard Pachett murder of his wife Lincoln 28-Jul 1903
William Joseph Tuffen murder of his wife Caro¬line Wandsworth 11-Aug 1903
Edward R Palmer murder of Esther Swinford a barmaid Devizes 17-Nov 1903
Bernard White soldier murder of Maud Garrett Chelmsford 01-Dec 1903
James Duffy murder of Ellen Newman Durham 08-Dec 1903
William Haywood murder of his wife Hereford 15-Dec 1903
William Brown murder of Esther Atkins Winchester 16-Dec 1903
Thomas Cowdrey murder of Esther Atkins Winchester 16-Dec 1903
Chas W Ashton murder of Annie Marshall Hull 22-Dec 1903
John Gallagher murder of William Swann Wombwell 29-Dec 1903
Emily Swann murder of William Swann her husband Wombwell 29-Dec 1903
Henry Starr murder of his wife Blackpool 29-Dec 1903