Sarah Dinah Noel – Ramsgate Mystery

Ramsgate Mystery

Illustrated Police News – Saturday 27 May 1893

Sarah Noel was murdered in a Ramsgate butcher’s shop in 1893. William and Sarah Noel managed the shop at 9 Adelphi Terrace, Grange Road, from about 1882.

On Sunday, May 14, 1893, Sarah and William Noel had lunch together with their servant. Afterwards William Noel went to the Wesleyan Sunday School in Chapel Road where he had been a teacher for seven years.

He returned home after 4pm where he found his wife murdered in the kitchen.

On July 12, 1893, he was found not guilty by the grand jury and afterwards released from Maidstone Gaol.

The case remains unsolved and is sometimes referred to as The Ramsgate Mystery.

I have found 23 newspaper reports of the murder case from 1893. They provide an account of the inquest, background, speculation, the arrest of William Noel, his release, his whereabouts after his release and the search for the killer.

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