Here is a list of Victorian and Edwardian unsolved murder cases (unresolved deaths). This is data will grow. I am researching all the cases and will build a folder containing news reports and other material for each one. The result of my research is available by clicking the link next to the case. If the research status does not reveal a result and you are interested, please use the form on the right-hand side of the page and I will get back to you. This page, the data on it and the research status is being constantly updated.

Victim details date year Current research status
Amelia Jeffs murdered in an empty house in the Portway facing West Ham Park 14-Feb 1890 Please click here
Sarah Dinah Noel shot in her kitchen 14-May 1893 Please click here
Kate Dungey (Dungay) housekeeper at Lambridge House Farm Henley on Thames murdered 08-Dec 1893 Please click here
John Robert Wells murdered on Barnes Common 24-Apr 1894 Please click here
Marius Martin the night watchman at the Cafe Royal shot 06-Dec 1894 Please click here
Miss Elizabeth Camp murdered in a South-Western train between Putney and Wandsworth 11-Feb 1897 Please click here
unidentified man found naked and bound with a rope in the Thames near Wapping 09-Aug 1897 Please click here
Mrs. Saunders murdered at 236 Cator-street Peckham 19-Aug 1897 Please click here
Emma Johnson murdered at Windsor 15-Sep 1897 Please click here
William Barrett a boy murdered at Upton Park 22-Sep 1897 Please click here
Mrs T. Smith murdered in a lane near Windsor reported 12-Dec 1897 Please click here
Thomas Webb head dairyman in the service of the Express Dairy Company shot while standing in the dusk outside his cottage at North Finchley 29-Jan 1898 Please click here
Mrs. Tylor murdered at Kidbrook Park Road Blackheath 15-Aug 1898 Please click here
Mary Jane Voller child murdered at Barking body found in a ditch 08-Jan 1899 Please click here
Waknell a woman found murdered at a house in Water-lane Brixton 13-May 1900 Please click here
Rose Harsent a servant girl discovered murdered at Peasonhall Suffolk 01-Jun 1902 Please click here
Unidentified dismembered body of a woman found in Salamanca Place Lambeth near the Albert Embankment 08-Jun 1902 Please click here
Mary Sophia Money The Merstham Tunnel mystery 24-Sep 1905 Please click here
A Wakley a young artist found dead in his studio at Westboume Grove death having been caused by a number of blows on the head 24-May 1906 Please click here
Miss Hogg murdered at Camberley throat cut by burglar her sister who was also severely injured escaped 11-Jun 1906 Please click here
Emily Dimmock found with throat cut in her room at Camden Town 12-Sep 1907 Please click here
Miss Sheriff found strangled on a cliff near Bournemouth 18-Feb 1908 Please click here
Mary Ellen Bailes aged 6 of Islington mutilated body discovered in lavatory at corner of St Georges Road near Elephant and Castle 31-May 1908 Please click here
Mrs. Luard found shot on the balcony of a summerhouse in the woods at Sevenoaks 24-Aug 1908 Please click here
G. H. Storrs mill owner of Gorse Hall near Staley bridge stabbed by an unknown man 01-Nov 1909 Please click here
Lily Templeton found dead in her bedroom at Brixton 28-Nov 1909 Please click here

This is a list of Victorian and Edwardian unsolved murders