Victorian Trials – 1890-1899

This is a list of some trials in Britain between 1890 and 1899.

This is not, of course, a definitive inventory. It is likely that details of the case were reported in the news. If you can find the name you are searching please make contact by using the enquiry form. I will see if any archive material is available. If you cannot find the person you are searching don’t worry – please enquire anyway. I will do a search and get back to you.

The data for these British trial pages is sourced from references more than 100 years old and took a long time to transcribe and digitise for the internet. They make fascinating reading and create temptation for us to find out more. They cover all life from murder to executions, libel, slander, bankruptcy, love affairs, divorce, wills, land disputes – it’s all there for us to discover and read about in the newspapers generations on.

I have transcribed these pages as faithfully as possible with little change to the language and style. I have taken time-out to remove any references that, today, we might find racist or offensive (as language and attitudes towards life has changed dramatically since the days of these court proceedings).

Mr Herbert J Gladstone v Colonel George B Malleson, for libel in Allahabad Morning Post damages awarded £1000, 16 Jan, 1890

Mr Ernest Parke, sentenced to one year’s imprison­ment for libel against the earl of Euston in the North London Press, 16 Jan, 1890

Parnell v Walter, ( search Parnellites), 3 Feb, 1890

Trial of the bp, of Lincoln, 4 Feb, 1890

Crewe murder Richard and George Davies, youths aged 19 and 16 convicted of the murder of their father Richard Davies a clothier on 25 Jan while riding home in a pony chaise 20 21 March Richard executed George reprieved (penal servitude for life), 8 April, 1890

Miss Florence Jennie Day v Mr Morris Roberts, for breach of promise of marriage Birmingham damages awarded £2500, 6 March, 1890

Miss Emily Mary Hairs v sir George Elliot MP, (aged 75) for breach of promise of marriage damages claimed £5000 jury disagree, 18 April, 1890

Lord Dunlo (son of the earl of Clancarty) v lady Dunlo and Mr T E Wertheimer, six days’ trial divorce refused, 30 July, 1890

Miss Gladys Knowles v Mr Leslie Duncan, proprietor and editor of the Matrimonial News for breach of promise of marriage damages awarded £10000 11 – 12 Aug, 1890

Reginald John Birchall, convicted of the murder of Mr F J Benwell 29 Sept executed, 14 Nov, 1890

Capt O’Shea v Mrs C O’Shea and Mr C S Parnell MP, divorce granted, 15-17 Nov, 1890

Catherine Theresa Riordan sentenced to six years’ penal servitude for attempting to kill Dr James Frank Bright master of University College Oxford (6 Nov), 15 Nov, 1890

Mr R Buchanan v Mrs Langtry, respecting a non-accepted play damages awarded £150, 21 Nov, 1890

Mary Eleanor Wheeler (otherwise Pearcey), con­victed of the murder of Mrs Phoebe Hogg and infant, 1-3 Dec, 1890 [Mrs Wheeler had been connected with her victim’s husband Frank S Hogg before their marriage she invited Mrs Hogg to her rooms at No 2 Priory-street Kentish-town and there murdered her she then in a perambulator con­veyed the body of the mother to near Crossfield­ road Hampstead and that of the child to a field near Finchley-road 24 Oct 1890 her motive ap­pears to have been jealousy executed 23 Dec 1890 ]

Bellamy v Wells, proprietor of the Pelican Club Gerrard-street Soho to restrain a nuisance by noise caused by boxing matches concerts &c justice Romer in the chancery division forbids the assembling of crowds and calling cabs be­tween midnight and 7 AM, 6 Dec, 1890

Thomas Macdonald, convicted on his own confes­sion of the murder of Miss Elizabeth Ann Holt at Belmont near Bolton, 12 Dec, 1890

Mr Harry H Marks (editor of the Financial News) v Mr George Washington Butterfield, for libel respecting gold mines verdict not guilty libel proved but publication justified, 8-27 Dec, 1890

Walter Alfred Hargan, tried for murder convicted of manslaughter for killing two roughs in Kingsland London NE in alleged self-defence sentenced by Mr justice Charles to 20 years’ penal servitude 8 Sept commuted to 12 months, 17 Dec, 1890

Charles Lyddon, acquitted of the murder of his half brother William Recks-Lyddon of Faversham who had been much ill-used, 18-21 March,1891

Clitheroe case, March, 1891

Baccarat case sir William Gordon-Cumming v Mr and Mrs Lycett Green, and others for slander charging him with cheating in the game of baccarat in the house of Mr Arthur Wilson Tranby Croft near Doncaster Sept 1890 counsel for plaintiff sir Edward Clarke sol gen for the defendants sir Charles Russell and others queen’s bench division lord Coleridge evidence was given by the prince of Wales verdict for the defendants, 1-9 June, 1891

Coombs v Barber and others, in relation to the Great Eastern Steamship company queen’s bench division the case stopped Mr Barber exculpated from criminal charges 26 June, 1891

The Cathcart, case after 17 days’ investigation Mrs Cathcart is declared to be of sound mind by Mr Bulwer a master in lunacy and a special jury and ordered to be released from custody, 23 July, 1891

Berkeley Peerage case, decision, 31 July, 1891

Mr Francis Du Bedat, president of the Dublin Stock Exchange pleads guilty to charges of fraud relating to bankruptcy and breaches of trust sentence one year’s imprisonment with hard labour and seven years’ penal servitude, 20 Oct, 1891

The rev James C Clutterbuck DCL, an in­spector of workhouse schools convicted of ob­taining money on false pretences on his own confession sentenced to 4 years’ penal servitude Wells [he (lied 18 Nov 1892], 21 Nov, 1891

The petition of Mabel Edith countess Russell, to the divorce court for judicial separation from earl Russell on account of cruelty dismissed with costs, 1-4 Dec, 1891

Pinnock v Chapman & Hall, for libel in ” West African Stories” by major A B Ellis 2001 damages awarded, 7-9 Dec, 1891

Miss Ethel Florence Elliot (afterwards Mrs Os­borne) v major and Mrs Hargreaves for slander in charging her with stealing jewels while their guest at Torquay 9-18 Feb verdict by consent for the defendants, 15-22 Dec, 1891 [It was proved that Miss Elliot sold the jewels to Messrs Spinks in Gracechurch street for £550 19 Feb that she cashed the cheque at the bank of Messrs Glyn Mills & Co receiv­ing gold 23 Feb that through Messrs Benja­min of Conduit street W she changed gold for bank notes at the National and Provincial bank in St James’s-square early in March and that she endorsed one of these notes for £50 and paid it to Messrs Maple which note was passed into the Bank of England Infor­mation was given to the judge Mr Justice Denman and the trial was suspended 19 Dec It was admitted by all the parties concerned that capt Osborne the plaintiff’s husband had acted throughout as an honourable and chivalrous gentleman Mrs Osborne at her trial for larceny and perjury was sentenced to 9 months’ imprisonment with some hard la­bour 9 March released in the summer 1892 The jewels were sold by auction for major Har­greaves for 10761 29 March 1892]

Mr Alexander Jacob, a jeweller of Simla charged at Calcutta by the Nizam of Hyderabad of cri­minally misappropriating 23 lakhs of rupees (above £100000) deposited by his highness as earnest money for the purchase of the gem known as the ” imperial diamond” after a long trial was acquitted, 22 Dec, 1891

Nettlefold (limited) Birmingham screw-makers v Reynolds, an American agent for alleged infringement of patent 14 days’ trial verdict for defendant with costs, 22 Jan, 1892

Mr George W Hastings MP, misappropriating to himself a trustee about £20000 the property of the children of major John Brown, pleaded guilty sentenced to 5 years’ penal servitude, 11 March, 1892

Maitland Francis Morland, a law tutor at Cambridge not connected with the university charged with sending threatening letters to extort money, pleaded guilty sentenced to 10 years’ penal servitude, 11 March, 1892

Miss Mary E T Knox v canon Hayman, DD and co-directors of the Canadian Pacific Colonization corporation verdict for plaintiff to be repaid £258 the amount claimed, 25 March, 1892

Concha, pauper v Concha, and wife a series of intricate suits respecting property which com­menced in 1858 closed by the house of lords varying the decision of the court of appeal, 28 March, 1892

Frederick Charles Victor Cailes John Westley William Ditchfield Joseph Thomas Deakin and Jean Battolla anarchists tried for unlawfully possessing explosive substances (with evil inten­tions) at Walsall 1 Nov 1891-7 Jan Charles Battolla and Cailes at Stafford sentenced to 5 years’ penal servitude Deakin to 5 years’ penal servitude Westley and Ditchfield acquitted, 30 March-4 April, 1892

Hansard Publishing Union sir Henry and Mr Joseph M Isaacs Mr Charles Dollman’ Mr Horatio Bottomley directors, charged with de­frauding the company and applicants for shares 11 days’ examination committed for trial, 6 April, 1892 [Trial, 24 days against sir Henry Isaacs and Mr Joseph Isaacs no case 20 April Mr Dollman and Mr Bottomley acquitted Mr Justice Hawkins and the jury urgently affirm the necessity of amendment of the law relating to the directors of public companies, 30 Jan -28 Feb and 17-26 April, 1893]

Mr Lane Fox v Kensington Electric Lighting company for infringement of patent verdict for defendants with costs, 30 March,1892

Mrs Montagu. sentenced at Dublin to one year’s imprisonment for cruel manslaughter of her daughter, aged 3 years, 4 April, 1892

David John Nicoll, journalist sentenced to 18 months’ imprisonment with hard labour for inciting persons to murder Mr H Matthews the home secretary and others by writing in the Commonweal condemning the punishment of the Walsall anarchists (Jan ), 6 May,1892

Walter (the Times) v Steinkoppf (the St James’s Gazette), to restrain the copying of articles ver­dict for plaintiff with some of the costs, 13 – 17 May – 2 June, 1892

Buckley v Edwards,, 21 May, 1892

Mr Henry de Vere Vane’s, claim to the ancient barony of Barnard in Durham vacant by the death of the duke of Cleveland granted by the house of lords, 30 May, 1892

Mrs Carlin v the Carbolic Smoke Ball company, claiming £100 which the company had engaged to give to any person who had tried the smoke ball as a preventive of influenza without success (by advertisement, 13 Nov 1891) verdict for plaintiff, 4 July, 1892

Mr Bottems contractor v corporation of York, the court of appeal decides (against the plaintiff) that the terms of a ruinous contract must be fulfilled, 16 July, 1892

“International Society of Literature, Science and Art” started Dec 1890 4 days’ trial for frauds sir Gilbert E Campbell bart sentenced to 18 months’ imprisonment with hard labour for conspiracy Wm James Morgan and Joseph S Tomkins (organisers) 8 and 5 years for fraud William H Steadman 15 months David Tolmie 6 months Charles M Clarke 4 months, 27 Sept, 1892

Margaret J Smith, sentenced to 10 years’ penal servitude for forging a deed in which she claimed part of the property of the late Mr Park her accomplices William Micklethwaite 7 years John Paul 5 years Thomas Allistone 12 months Sarah Ingrain 6 months, 27 Sept, 1892

Thomas Neill alias Cream MD Am, convicted of the murder of Matilda Clover (an unfortunate) by strychnine 21 Oct executed, 15 Nov, 1892 [He was accused of the murder of 3 other women ]

Mrs Claudine Olivia Leader (wife of lieut H P Leader) v Mrs Eleanor C Smyth (wife of major-general J G Smyth), for slander in accusing her of stealing a diamond brooch Mr Justice Day queen’s bench Mr Lockwood for plaintiff sir Edward Clarke for defendant verdict for plaintiff £500 damages, 1-4 Nov, 1892 [For comments adverse to the plaintiff in the Morning 31 Oct Mr Bennett editor was fined i00/ and Mr Boyle publisher £50 2 Nov]

Manslaughter of Dr William P Kirwan, 12 Oct at Whitecross-st SE Edward Waller and Charles Balch sentenced to penal servitude for 20 years John James Noble to 14 years, 18-19 Nov, 1892

Mr Charlewood, registrar to the bishop of Man­chester v the rev J P Foster for libel verdict for plaintiff £200 damages, 26 Nov, 1892

Will of Miss Ellen Roe, sometimes a lunatic sus­tained against medical opinions, 9 De, 1892

Mr Harry Panninter (a promoter of the unsuccess­ful Edison phonographic toy and automaton company) v London stereoscopic company, for alleged slander verdict for defendants with costs, 13 Jan, 1893

Rev Wilding v canon Hayman and Mr Fortescue Harrison, (similar case to that of Miss M E T Knox 25 March 1892) verdict for plaintiff £450, 23 Jan, 1893

Messrs Samuel Hope Morley and Arnold Morley, (executors of their brother Henry Morley an epilep­tic who when insane committed suicide) v Mr William H Louglinan and his brothers Alfred and Henry Loughnan members of the ” close order ” of the Plymouth brethren and Mr Charles Sleeman not called to recover about £140000 alleged to have been obtained at various times by undue influence 7 days’ trial painful evidence verdict for the plaintiffs, 27 Jan, 1893

For the Yelverton and Moseley, case Bahama Isles. 2 Feb, 1893

Missing Word Competition,,9 Feb, 1893

Coxon (family) v Mrs Schofield, the voluntary settlement in 1879 on a boy falsely asserted by Mrs Schofield to be the son of herself and her late husband F C Coxon (killed while hunting March 1877) set aside and the money received by her ordered to be repaid to the Coxon family Chancery division, 16 Feb, 1893

Charles Wells, engineer (a large winner at Monte Carlo) for fraudulently obtaining money (about £30445) for bogus patents sentenced to 8 years’ penal servitude, 9-15 March, 1893

Lord Howard de Walden’s, suit for divorce from his wife rejected and judicial separation granted to her and custody of the child, 8 – 11 March, 1893

Edward S W de Cobain, sentenced to 1 year’s im­prisonment for gross misdemeanour at Belfast, 21 March, 1893

Liberator building society, 17 March et seq James W Hobbs and Horace Granville Wright sentenced to 12 years’ penal servitude for forgery and to 5 years (concurrently) for fraud (J Hobbs re­leased on medical grounds Jan 1898) George Newman to 5 years for fraud. 27 March, 1893

The dowager duchess of Sutherland, ordered to pay a fine of £250 and costs and to be imprisoned for 6 weeks for contempt of the probate division in burning a letter brought to her for inspection (on 12 April) 18 April arrested, 21 April, 1893

Hansard publishing union, (see April 1892) trial closed, 26 April, 1893

Charles T Gatty v Henry R Farquharson MP, for W Dorset for libel queen’s bench damages awarded £5000 20 June appeal, 21 June, 1893

The dowager duchess of Sutherland v the duke of Sutherland, respecting leases her case dis­missed, 21 June, 1893

Aime H Meunier, convicted of the murder of Charlotte Pearcey aged 71 at Longeye near Bromsgrove on 13 Jan, 28 June, 1893

Mr Hormuzd Rassam v Mr E A Budge, for libel and slander in 1891 verdict for plaintiff damages £50, 28 June-3 July, 1893

Dr Edwin W Alabone (American) v Mr Henry E Morton, at first associates afterwards rivals in professing to cure consumption by bogus remedies verdict for plaintiff Mr Justice Wright hopes that further legal notice will be taken of the case in regard to both parties, 8 July, 1893

Mr J H Wilson MP, general secretary of the Seamen’s and Firemen’s union v Spottiswoode and another for libel in the Shipping Gazette verdict for defendants, 26 July, 1893

Messrs Allan & Co steamship owners v Mr J H Wilson MP, for libel in a handbill and pamphlet damages awarded to the plaintiff’s £200, 9 Aug, 1893

Daniel Phelan and his wife Constance, sentenced to 6 and 9 months’ penal servitude for brutal cruelty to their 2 children aged 3 years and 21 months Chester, 19 20 Oct, 1893

Miss J Mighell v the sultan of Johore,, Nov, 1893

James Barber Edwards (a trustee), aged 76 pleaded guilty of defalcation of £70000 sentence 8 years’ penal servitude, 21 Nov, 1893

Paul Joly aged 25 and Celestan July aged 1,7 (French) sentenced to 20 years’ and 5 years’ penal servitude respectively for extorting £650 from Mr Pardoe of Brighton by threats of false accusation, 29 Nov, 1893

Alfred John Monson, tried at Edinburgh for the murder (or attempt) of lieut W C Hambrough at Ardlamont Argyllshire in Aug a mysterious case connected with insurance verdict not proven, 12 – 22 Dec, 1893

Zierenberg and wife v Labouchere, for libel in Truth respecting St James’ home for female inebriates charging the plaintiffs with cruel tyranny 20 days’ trial verdict for defendant, 13 Dec, 1893

The Nobel’s Explosives company v Dr Anderson,, 30 Jan-14 Feb, 1894

Martin and wife v trustees of British museum,, 27 Feb, 1894

Trial respecting the collision of the Ibis and the Fortuna 6 days verdict not caused by wilful action of Henry Rumbell or incitement of Mr Henry Smethurst, 19 March, 1894

Anarchists possessing explosives, Farnara sen­tenced to 20 years’ and Francis Polti to 10 years’ penal servitude, 4 May, 1894

New Zealand loan and mercantile agency, in chancery, April—May, 1894

Hopegood v French, (will case) 7 days’ trial settled by arrangement, 5 June, 1894

The case of the duke of Sutherland and the dowager duchess, in the probate division settled by arrangement, 7 June, 1894

Mr Henry J B Montgomery (author of The British Navy published in 1885-6) v prof Laughton and others, for libel Mr Montgomery’s book is described in prof Laughton’s article in the Army and Navy Gazette as ” a mass of impu­dent and scurrilous falsehoods ” verdict for the defendants with costs, 12 June, 1894

Ella Gillespie, nurse sentenced to 5 years’ penal servitude for cruelty to children in the Hackney workhouse school at Brentford, 20 June, 1894

Miss Trebelli-Bettini v the Royal Academy of Music, Madame Trebelli’s will bequeathing property to the academy affirmed with recom­mendations 10 days’ trial, 28 June, 1894

Paul Koczula and George Schmerfeld, accessory (respited) sentenced to death for murder of Sophia F M Basch keeper of a restaurant in Shaftesbury-avenue 28 July 1894 Koczula executed, 14 Aug, 1894

Trial of 30 anarchists, begins, 6 Aug, 1894

James Canham Read, for murder of Florence Dennis one of his victims at Prittlewell South­end 24 June Chelmsford 12-15 Nov executed, 4 Dec, 1894

Haufstengl v Daily Graphic,,1894

Mr George Edward Brock Mr George Dibley Mr Morrell Theobald major John Thos Wright and Mr Frank M Coldwells, (died 29 July) ” the Balfour group ” directors of Liberator building society and the Lands allotment company &c prosecuted for conspiracy and fraud 11 Feb 1895 committed and bailed, 4 April, 1895

Patrick A Chance v William O’Brien MP for debt verdict for plaintiff £407/8s/11d, 14 Feb, 1895

Henry Frederick Nash, secretary of Bayswater and Kensington building society pleads guilty of misappropriating £196/17s/9d sentenced to 5 years’ penal servitude, 26 March, 1895

The marquis of Queensberry, charged with pub­lishing a libel against Oscar Wilde author acquitted the case being withdrawn, 3-5 April, 1895

Oscar Wilde and Alfred Taylor tried for mis­demeanours 19 April partial acquittal jury disagree new trial ordered 1 May Alfred Taylor convicted 21 May and Oscar Wilde 25 May both sentenced to 2 years’ imprisonment with hard labour, 25 May, 1895

Dunham v Russell, claim for £40183 the pro­perty of Mrs Mabel L Theobald an intestate widow of Mr James Theobald MP an intricate case verdict for the defendant Miss Kate Russell sister of Mrs Theobald, 9 April, 1895

Countess Russell v earl Russell, verdict for defendant judicial separation decreed April 1894 her appeal dismissed and separation annulled, 7 Aug, 1895

Jabez Spencer Balfour, ex-MP prosecuted for conspiracy and fraud (see Budding Societies) at Bow-street 6 May committed for trial appeal set aside, 1 July, 1895

House of lords appeal of Mr Osgood Hanbury Mackenzie for divorce from his wife Minnie Amy for desertion (4 years) appeal dismissed the desertion being justified by her husband’s great cruelty, 16 May, 1895

Georgina Priestly Salisbury infant (born April 1894) claiming property of alleged father George Henry Salisbury (died 7 Jan 1894) v Rawson (chancery division) 23 May et seq on 14th day a statement was read from Dr Capon asserting that the claimant was the daughter of Miss Florence Wright Mr Jelf the plaintiff’s counsel gave up her case and Mr Justice Hawkins adjourned the trial 17 June verdict for defendant (18th day) 7 Aug case dismissed 30 Nov appeal re­jected, 9 Dec, 1895

Mr W T Stead fined £100 for contempt of court for an article in Review of Reviews against Jabez Balfour appeal set aside, 1 July, 1895

Michael Cleary and others, tried for murder, 5 July, 1895

John Lynchehaun, a bailiff for attempt to murder his mistress Mrs Agnes M`Donnell in Achill island Ireland by thrusting her into a burning building &c sentenced to penal servitude for life, 17 July, 1895

Messrs Wright & Co v Mr Daniel Hennessy, sec of Nat association of plasterers for interference with their business and libel verdict for plain­tiffs £800 damages, 26 July, 1895

Frances Rose lady Gunning sentenced to 1 year’s hard labour for forgery lo Sept Robt A Coombes (13) murderer of his mother acquitted as insane, 17 Sept, 1895

Jabez Spencer Balfour and four others 4 April 1895 tried for fraud in relation to the Liberator building society and the Lands allot­ment co and other companies &c before Mr Justice Bruce counsel for the crown sir Richard Webster the attorney-gen and 5 others 25 Oct all convicted except Dibley on whom the jury disagreed 20 Nov 2nd trial of Balfour 21 Nov convicted 27 Nov sentences imprisonment Balfour 14 years’ penal servitude [public exami­nation as to his affairs 27 Jan 1898] Brock 9 months Theobald 4 months the others dis­charged (Balfour released March 1906), 28 Nov, 1895

Henry Wright, lodger convicted 4 Dec of the murder of Mrs Reynolds her two sons William and Charles Reynolds and grandson William Peck (11 Aug) executed, 24 Dec, 1895

Henry Bailey, sentenced to 3 years and 6 months’ penal servitude for stealing 31 ingots of silver value £4900 the property of the Midland rail­way co in Ossulston-street NW 19 Nov Alexander Edward Sarti sentenced to 3 years’ penal servitude for robbing Messrs Elkington & Co silversmiths his employers and for complicity in the silver robbery 20 Dec George Barratt sentenced to 5 years’ penal servitude and Henry Gray to 8 months’ hard labour for receiving the stolen ingots,22 Dec, 1895

John Skates and others, convicted of fraud, 5 March, 1896

John Havelock Wilson MP v Collison and Rogers, for libel verdict for plaintiff one farthing dama­ges 4 March his request for parliamentary inquiry refused by the commons, 7 March, 1896 (see also July Aug 1893)

Mrs Arthur Kitson v Dr William S Playfair and wife, for libel and slander verdict for plaintiff damages awarded by jury £12009 7 days’ trial 2-27 March (execution stayed by consent sum to be paid unconditionally), 30 March, 1896

Tower Hamlets (St George’s division), election petition Mr Marks retains his seat 40 days’ trial before baron Pollock and justice Bruce, 3 Feb -1 April, 1896

Albert Millsom, 32 and Henry Fowler 31 charged with the murder of Mr Henry Smith at Mus­well-hill on 3 Feb captured at Bath after a desperate fight 12 April convicted 21 May executed, 9 June, 1896

Walter v Central News,, 14 April, 1896

William Seaman, convicted of the murder of John Goodman Levy 75 and Sarah Ann Gale servant at Mile-end, 8 May, London

Amelia E Dyer, convicted of infanticide 22 May executed, 10 June, 1896

Mrs Langtry v the Union bank of London,, 5 May, 1896

Trollope and others v the London Building Trades Federation, and others for posting a placard with a black border containing a list of names of men charged with working “Trollope’s black list” verdict that the list is vindictive and malicious and a perpetual injunction granted damages £500, 24 April-4 May, 1896

Dr Jameson and others, regarding Transvaal Dec 1895 July 1896 footnote and Rhodesia, Aug, 1896

Elijah Galley, sentenced to 20 years’ penal servitude for killing Mr and Mrs Riley in a fit of passion in North-street Pentonville on 4 July, 11 Sept, 1896

Mary Selina Elizabeth lady Scott John Cockerton Fred Kast (died Dec) and William Aylott,
tried for libel (7 Sept) against earl Russell lady Scott’s son-in-law 23 Nov convicted 7 Jan 1897 sentence 8 months’ imprisonment without hard labour, 8 Jan, 1897

Stiven v Welsford medical slander 7 days’ trial verdict for the plaintiff £75 damages, 17 Dec, 1896

Messrs Bailey & Co v the Officials of the Glass­bevellers Union, for malicious interference with their trade by picketing with violence verdict for plaintiffs £674/13s damages, 13 Jan, 1897

Hugh Campbell Browning v Mostyn and others, 6 days trial verdict for the plaintiff sustaining the will of Chas Stuart Coningham an impor­tant judgment, 27 Jan, 1897

Maxim v Anderson,, 4 March, 1897

The will of Mr E Hunter, bequeathing between £80000 and £90000 &c for ecclesiastical pur­poses set aside as indefinite, 6 March, 1897 [decision reversed by the court of appeal 21 May their finding reversed by the house of lords and that of the court below restored 18 May 1899]

Hawke v Dunn, regarding Betting Houses, 3 March, 1897

Catherine Kempshall, 32 sentenced to death 19 March for the murder of Edgar S Holland merchant Liverpool (29 Oct 1896) respited as insane, 31 March, 1897

Mr Samson Fox v Mr Jerome K Jerome and others, for alleged libels in To-Day 31 March 16 days’ trial verdict for plaintiff farthing damages, 7 May, 1897

The will of Mr T P Hounsell, of Chertsey who died in 1894 set aside by the -probate court on account of his gross delusions described in papers found after his death, 1 April, 1897

Joseph Yates, solicitor convicted of fraud perjury &c penal servitude for life, 21 May, 1897

Captain Hill Kennedy, sentenced to 5 years’ penal servitude for perjury in a libel action, 2 June, 1897

Earl and countess Russell, judgment of court of appeal (see also 1895) affirmed by the house of lords, July, 1897

Charlton v Phillips disputed will verdict for the plaintiff (5 days’ trial) testator not insane, 25 Nov, 1897

Labouchere v H Hess, proprietor of the African Critic for an injunction to restrain the publica­tion of his letters to the late G A Sala granted with costs as regards Mr Hess but refused with costs in regard to Mrs Sala, 27 Nov, 1897

Allen v Flood and Taylor, regarding The Times, 16 Dec, 1897

Flood and Taylor v Allen, shipwrights for malicious injuries (dismissal from employment) verdict for plaintiffs in 1895 verdict upheld in court of appeal 1895 verdict reversed by the house of lords 6 judges against 3 (much dis­cussed), 14 Dec, 1897

Lewis v Clay, £11113/5s claimed by the plaintiff on two promissory notes endorsed by defendant On assurances by lord William Nevill that he was only witnessing a document which he did not see verdict for the defendant, 18 Dec, 1897

Richard Archer Prince, 32 super convicted of the wilful murder of William Terriss (Lewin) the famous actor at Adelphi Dec 1897 detained as a criminal lunatic, 13 Jan, 1898

Queen’s bench Jay (a money lender) v sir Tatton Sykes, to recover £15872 odd advanced on 5 promissory notes signed by sir Tatton and lady Sykes lady Sykes admitted her signature ver­dict for the defendant signatures to the other notes being forgeries 5 days’ trial, 18 Jan, 1898

Vladimir Bourtzeff, journalist sentenced to 18 months and Klement Wierzbicki printer to 2 months’ imprisonment for publishing incitements to kill the czar, 11 Feb, 1898

Lord William Nevill, (37) sentenced to 5 years’ penal servitude for fraud respecting securities (against Mr Jas Spender Clay), 15 Feb, 1898

Mr Russell Spokes, for the Grosvenor Hotel com­pany v the directors manager and Mr R C Drew for conspiracy verdict for plaintiff with arrangements (9 days’ trial), 19 Feb, 1898

Mrs Camilla Nicholls, convicted of the man­slaughter of her servant Jane Popejoy by ill-treatment and starvation (5 days’ trial) sen­tenced to 7 years’ penal servitude, 2 May, 1898

Thomas Edward Brinsmead and 5 other directors and promoters, of the company of Thomas Edward Brinsmead & Sons (Ltd) convicted of con­spiracy to defraud and sentenced to various terms of imprisonment, 7 May, 1898

Walter Horsford, convicted of the murder of Annie Holmes by strychnine, 6 June, 1898

John Trodd, bootmaker charged with attempting to murder count Arco-Valley of the German embassy and police-constable Whitefield by shooting them at Carlton House terrace 15 June prisoner certified to be a lunatic, 22 June, 1898

William Maunsell Collins, 48 surgeon charged with the wilful murder of Emily Edith Uzielli 27 June convicted of manslaughter sentenced to 7 years’ penal servitude, 2 July, 1898

The hypnotic will ease—Kingsbury v Howard, The will of Mrs Howard (who died Dec 1897) devising to Dr Kingsbury her medical atten­dant and friend (who had in her case applied hypnotism up to 1894) her residuary estate (a vast sum) was declared to be valid by the pro­bate court, 13-19 July, 1898

Fred Tomlinson, 34 sentenced to life imprison­ment for attempts to wreck trains, 18 Nov, 1898

John Lloyd Whitmarsh, surgeon convicted of the murder of Alice Bayley sentenced to death 26 Oct commuted to 12 years’ penal servitude, 25 Nov, 1898

Albert Davies, sentenced to 3 years’ penal servi­tude for fraud and forgery respecting col Ship-way’s pedigree &c, 23 Nov, 1898

Mrs Athalie Mills, Christian science “healer” and Kate Lyon charged with the manslaughter of the late Harold Frederic author by neglecting to provide him with proper medical treatment both found not guilty and discharged for want of evidence, 5 Dec, 1898

Robert John (lieut) Wark, tried for the murder of Jane Yates sentenced to death with a strong recommendation to mercy 8 Dec 1898 re­prieved 10 Dec petition to the Home Office 54000 signatures 5 Jan 1899 sentence com­muted to 3 years’ penal servitude, 9 Jan, 1899

Miss Bertha Petersen, charged with the murder of John Whibley (whom she shot at Biddenden) 5 Feb proved insane, 12 July, 1899

George R Birt, charged with falsifying the half-yearly balance-sheets of the Millwall docks co sentenced to 9 months’ hard labour, 13 May, 1899

Mrs Keighley palmist v printers and publisher of the Society newspaper, for libel £1000 damages for plaintiff, 14 June, 1899

Joseph Slater and Robt James, sentenced to 20 years penal servitude for manslaughter of a policeman at Harwell Berks (3 April), 16 June, 1899

Mostyn v Atherton, an action by sir Pyers Mos­tyn and G Chator and Co for an injunction to restrain the defendant from diverting or abstract­ing water from St Winifred’s well and the Holy-well stream Flintshire and from interfering with the flow of water in the stream through the plaintiff’s land injunction granted with costs, 29 June, 1899

George and Sigmund Wolff, convicted of keeping a common lottery and of fraud in connection with bogus “missing word” competitions sentenced respectively to 10 and 4 months’ imprisonment, 30 June, 1899

Mary Ann Ansell, convicted of murdering her sister (inmate of an asylum) by sending her by post poisoned cake found guilty after 2 hours’ consultation and sentenced to death, 30 June, 1899

Arthur Kirby and Morris Clifford, charged with conspiracy to defraud in connection with the Coolgardie mint and Iron King gold mines (limited) sentenced to 6 months’ hard labour each, 4 July, 1899

Walter v Lane, Mr Justice North grants an in­junction restraining Mr John Lane from further publication of “Appreciations and addresses of lord Rosebery” containing reports of speeches taken from the Times 10 Aug 1899 his decision reversed in the court of appeal 9 Nov, 1899 [the last judgment reversed and Mr Justice North’s deci­sion restored by the house of lords 6 Aug 1900]

Beall Singleton Lambert and Wain tried (15 days) for conspiring to defraud in connection with the London and Scottish banking and discount cor­poration Lambert acquitted Beall sentenced to 4 years’ imprisonment Singleton to 18 and Wain to 12 months’ imprisonment, 18 Nov, 1899

Dumbell’s bank, trial Isle of Man, Nov, 1900

Sir Robert Peel’s, application for leave to sell certain heirlooms pictures &c for provision for lady Peel and her Child granted in court of appeal lord Peel on whose appeal against a former order the action took place ordered to pay the costs, 4 Dec, 1899

Louise Masset, 36 a governess convicted of the murder of her illegitimate son aged 35 years at Dalston railway station and sentenced to death, 18 Dec, 1899

Victorian Trials – 1890-1899